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Most agree that if mom's not happy, nobody's happy, so what does it say when 63 percent of moms say they're having less fun than a decade ago?
"Stand tall, Old Navy. I might swing by and pick up some flippy flops to applaud you for being bold," supporter tweets.
Parking garage worker hears a baby crying and discovers her alone in the running car.
"It doesn't matter if you're a freshman or a senior, everyone knows Sammy," classmate says.
Nothing is off limits when parents are #DressedByTheKids to support a good cause.
Mom strikes a chord with thousands as she stands up for her 10-year-old son who was bullied.
Cruise passenger records parents stranded on dock as ship sails away with their kids on board.
Mom still plans to allow her 7-year-old to ride on the back of a motorcycle again despite receiving criticism.
"What we hope that the public and the community takes away ... is that all parents are held to a minimum standard of care," said the prosecutor.
"My daughter is free now. She now shines more than before. She has now become a reference for people who didn't believe in miracles," little girl's mom says.