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"My kids did my makeup. It went as expected," the very brave mom says.
"As their popularity has increased, so have calls to poison centers for detergent packet exposures," doctor says.
"I hope she realizes that it's okay to discipline your kids, and it's okay to have expectations, and it's okay for them to have consequences," mom says.
"She didn't believe in fighting, and the craziest thing is she died in a fight," student says.
"This was not a school assignment. This was simply something he saw on the Internet and wanted to experiment with," a detective said.
Girls take turns wearing late friend's prom dress that she wore last spring.
A young woman's parents didn't seek medical help for her due to their religious beliefs, and now as an adult, she may die.
Do you think your baby would win the #MyBaby'sGotTheBestBreadPhoto trend?
Dad may face charges of child endangering for orchestrating elaborate lesson for sons.
"I just kind of lost it. And then I thought, this is ridiculous, I am not this object that people see on TV all the time," Erin Kiernan said.