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is there any why that you could check ur self to see if ur dilated???
Just wanted to know this is my 5th pregnacy and am about 34 weeks I just wanted to know ive been getting this pain in my private part and it feels like if there punching or like this hitting pains (... more
I know ive asked before....... my last pregnacy I had an epidural but i felt everything I mean like alot of pressure in the botton well felt everything how could I assure my self that if I decide to... more
what exercises are good for you to make it easier for given birth!
Hi am about 25 weeks and dont like water at all i wanted to know if there is something else i could substitute it with something else please help I know WATER is a very important part of the pregnacy... more
Hi I wanted to know if its normal to be having so much headaches and pressure at the same time am about 18 weekes i tell my doctor but all the recep tells me to drink tyn every 4 hours idk what to do... more