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So after I had my baby I found out she ripped me... Pretty bad I should add. While healing I was in awful pain but I thought it was normal. And now that Im pretty much healed I examined myself down... more
I found out today my lil girl has thrush... Its not bad we caught it early. But because she has thrush i know have yeast infection on my nipples... They didnt give me any meds for me, i was told to... more
So ive been to the hospital twice in 24hrs cause i swear im in labor... First time they say im not effaced or dialated enough but i should try walking... I do... Then i go because now im gettin... more
Some of you "moms" arent very helpful for a first time mom like me... Ive asked a couple questions so far and ive gottena few really rude answers... Like telling me i shouldnt be posting questions i... more
So i was told that not every women feels her water break... So at about noon today i woke up from a nap out of no where... My legs were drenched... I dont know if it was my water or just sweat...... more
I dont know how to spell that word... But im 29 weeks an just shocked the jesus out of myself... Im scared and wondering how serious this is... I mean i know its serious but how serious is it really... more
My breast are really swollen and sore and i need to do anything to make them stop hurting... I guess what im asking is since the only way to get rid of my pain is to "milk" myself. Im 6.5 mths preg... more
So im 5 1/2 mths preg and i can still suck in my stomach to where i dont look preg at all. I was just wondering if this is hurting my baby or what... Thank you.
I just cant seem to catch my breath is this normal? If so when does it go away?
My boyfriend is excited we are having a baby but the only times i get him to aknowledge we are having a baby and get him to talk to the baby he yells in my stomach nothing mean but im scared the... more