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I am 3mos and jan I will know what I am having but want to know when is the best month to prepare the hospital bag
Dont know what to do about the headaches and I have taking something for it and ate and still I have bad headaches. What should I do.
first pregnancy throw up three times and found out it was a girl, the second pregnancy I had morning sickness the ehole nine months and found out it was a girl, now I am on my third pregnancy and... more
How long should I wait to go to the doctor to take their pregnancy test after taking a home test today.
am I pregnant after the first home test came out postive and I miss my first day period and that's why I choose to take the home test the same day. That's how I got a postive home test.
Took anothe home test and this one was suppose to she the control box 1st to let u know its wrkin but instead it went from neg to the comtrol box does this mean that it is wrong.
Yesterday morning I had another dream and this time i was pregnant and was around my youngest child that is 3yrs old and my step-daughter thats is 2yrs old. I can say I was prego and one of them look... more
I have been peeing clear urine and sometime its a llittle yellow and even when I feel like I have to pee or when I do and its a lot its still one of the colors.
Just last night I had a dream of having baby teeth that started to fall out by 4s and then 1-by-1 and nxt thing I knew they all was falling out at once but they wasnt adult teeth just baby teeth. My... more
I drink milk more when i never really like it,eat peanut butter with nature valley bars, tooth paste makes me want to throw up and now I am at the point where I dont sleep or even 4hrs of sleep feel... more