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This is the first year my little girl at 3yrs old has gone to school to be in the special needs preschool. She's only at school half day but to a stay-home mommy it seems like she will be there for... more
In the beg. I wanted to name my daughter Ellillana Marie after my mother and MIL but my mom disliked the idea and MIL loved the idea. Now I have decided on naming my daughter Abigail but my MIL still... more
I am 28 weeks pregnant I have one daughter and I'm pregnant with my second. With my first I never got to feel contractions because she was born through c-section at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia. Now... more
I am not a first time mom but I had my daughter at 36 weeks due to preclampsia and having to take her out through emergency c-section so I never got to experience contractions, my water breaking, or... more
I'm looking for a baby monitor to add to my baby registry and i'm not sure what to look for or which ones are good? I have a 3 year old but when I had her me and my husband shared a room with her and... more
I'm at the point of saying that I hate my husband and I don't understand why? He's a good husband and dad but right now I hate him. All he wants to do is sleep and go to work. I'm 26 weeks pregnant... more
I was thinking about buying a double stroller because I have a 3 yr old and I'm pregnant with my second child. However my 3yr. old is 33lbs,39in. and I'm not too sure if that's too big for a double... more
I am naming my daughter Abbygail because my three year old daughter really loves Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. She can't talk much but I really want her input and I thought that it would be a cute... more
I like my OB but I went on a hospital tour and I don't feel comfortable there. The hospital recovery rooms for after delivery are really small and they don't do anything for their patients. I know... more
I want something affordable so Medela is out of the question. Any other suggestions would be great.