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because i was only 14 my baby had to be delieverd threw c section at almost 4 months pregnant ill change my profile pic to her so you can see her i had to stay in the hospital with my baby 2weeks... more
to all the people that remember me and the huge lie i told im sorry but people have been so mean to me and treated me differently and im pregnant now and nobody knows about it im alone i need support... more
i turned 13 right after i told everyone i was really 12 and again im sorry for lying im 14 now ill be 15 in may and im pregnant some of you might remember me some might not no rude comments plz
im thinking about mia kate what do you think
ive always liked the name drake and so does my husband and my husbands name is mason so i was thinking about my sons name being drake mason
any ideas on how to get some sleep
i found out im having a boy im gonna name him drake mason and i have all the stuff for the shower except games any ideas
ill be having the baby soon im excited about meeting the baby but scared about labor whats it like
i have been craving tiquitos with hot sauce could the spicey food hurt my baby