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I was told by one of my friends that since I had gestational diabetes that giving my daughter solids at 4 months could cause her to get childhood diabetes or become obese at a young age. I honestly... more
My daughter Caitlyn loves her daddy, she has always been and always will be a daddys girl, so when daddy isn't around she is not a happy camper. My husband has recently deployed, and it has been hard... more
My daughter has been experiencing some weird symptoms lately, So I started googling things and found something about Heart Murmurs.It had a list of symptoms so I went down the list and realized my... more
So we all know that both Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, and for most people it's exciting, but for me not so much. Usually for both of those holidays I go to my sisters house and eat... more
I really don't like going to the doctor or taking my kids to the doctor for things like this because I feel like it's something that I can take care of myself, what are some thigns that work good for... more
She does it about 2 times a day, I am not sure what to do. I just try to distract her but it doesn't work, and it's kinda awkward because she does it everywhere. Example: We were at a BBQ, she was... more
As I mentioned in my last post, through this pregnancy I didn't have blood,urine or the GTT test. I never thought anything about that, no one informed me that it was supposed to be done.I was told by... more
Yesterday I posted that I was having contractions, so later that night they got worse so I went to the dr, When I got there my blood pressure was super super high so they admitted me. Once I got... more
The contractions are about 6 minutes apart and last around 21 seconds, it has been going on for about 4 hours. I thought it was braxton hicks because that has happened 6 times already, I have been... more
I am 30 weeks and I still haven't had a baby shower, which was stupid on my part. Especially since I went into early labor so I will probably not make it to 38-40 weeks. I was told I was on bed rest... more