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We have decided on a name, Avery Rosemary Brooks,Rosemary is her great grandmother. So I thought I would mention that,The problem is that I have heartburn,back aches,headaches,nausea,cramps,leg... more
This pregnancy has been great, as far as morning sickness,sleeping,pain goes.I have felt great,the only problem is I have been getting soo mad over stupid stuff, I never did that with my first... more
Well, I actually have wonderful news. My husband is comin home in like 3 days I think, it turned out to be some sort of clean up thing. YAY NO WAR! I feel like a child.So now that I have made myself... more
I have excersized throughout my pregnancy and it started as walking and eventually turned into a run for like 30 minutes. I started having cramps this morning and then I went to the doctor because I... more
Caitlyn has yet to get a schedule, How can I start it.
I wanna do the bradley method, But I wanted to see if anyone had done it and how it turned out.I don't want to have pain meds, I want to have it as natural as possible.The bradley method says to sip... more
When I went to my appointment at 17wks her leg was covering her parts, but they were able to see when I went to my appointment this morning. We really like the name Avery Lillia
Okay I will start from the beginning. I feel like a suck mommy. IHonestly have know idea what to do,I'm fucked up in the head. Sam and I are always arguing, It has been like this for a while we want... more
My daughter doesn't want to eat anyting and I will honestly tell you that I don't know what I'm doing, When it comes to being a mom I just try my best but she is my first kid, I have never had a 1... more
My daughter can say little things like. "Mama" "Dada" "Bye" "Hello", But how much should she be able to say?