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So for the past few days I have felt really light fluttering,but what's weird is I feel it at two different places. I was wondering if it would be possible that I am having more than one baby? And... more
I am showing, So it might be the extra weight on the front. But I just wanna make sure I shouldn't be freaking out.
I need some classy,elegant,different baby names for girls
So I posted before that my husband had been acting weird, It was the depression meds. He stopped taking them and hes back to normal now. We decided on a name,Giselle kiana brooks, We still don't have... more
Something is wrong with my husband.. By now I talk about him so much you might think hes an idiot,He is.. So lately he has been acting weird, I am pretty much gonna tell you about my sex life here... more
I had 23 possible girl names.... I have got it down to 8 names so just let me know which ones sound better. Scarlette,Nora,Eloise,Loralei,Vanessa,Mya,Lunevette pronounced(luna-vette),Bri,
I told samuel he could pick the boy name and I would pick the girls,It worked we found a winner for both. So for a boy we picked.Caden Timothy Brooks. I really don't like timothy but I'm sticking to... more
First question, My husband job confuses me. They do not tell me what is going on and I don't understand it,He hasn't been at work and not like going to work everyday I mean at WORK for about I think... more
He had a drill so he woke up at like 4:00 for some odd reason and decided he would scream really loud to wake me up, Gave me a heart attack. Then I go to wash the dishes so I can make caitlyn... more
I'm 5 weeks pregnant, I'm so excited. I finally feel like my life is getting better, Samuel has made alot of progress we haven't argued since we got back together I think taking a break was good for... more