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I made a post saying we ere gonna get a divorce, but it was just over a stupid argument because he wanted to have another baby and I was already aggravated so when he mentioned it I flipped out on... more
I went on a trip to hawaii with my daughter so I haven't been on here for a while, but I'm back now and I wanted to apologize for being dramatic and everything I was just in a dark place at the time... more
My husband has started his training and he will deploy on friday to go back to work, I have been physically and mentally tired and I don't know how I am gonna take care of my baby I just need some... more
Normally sex is painful and has been since I had a miscarriage and its beeen a while now so I don't know why. Sex is starting to less painful but lately my husband has been really rough, I acually... more
My daughter has a rash all over her body, I think it could be poison ivy or something I called the doctor to make an appointment but should I be worried.
I feel like its me against the world, I am not getting along with my family and samuel. I don't feel like being a mom I feel like I am in a room screaming to the top of my lungs and nobody can... more
Me and my husband have been getting along better accept for one little problem, everytime he trys to make a move on me I cringe. I don't mind to kiss him but I don't want sex at all it makes me feel... more
They said that if you eat chicken while pregnant with a son that it almost always causes them to have a smaller bird. I was wondering, is that true?
I have been having dreams about caitlyn getting lost or my husband getting murdered,I wake up crying.The other night I had a dream that somebody broke into our home and got caitlyn then they killed... more