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My daughter is 10 months old and shes my little princess and I love her but shes a brat sometimes. She had to go to the doctors and get a shot so I took her to toys r us and bought her a toy but when... more
I know I am confusing ALOT!, The reason I do that is because my sister is the manager of a dairy queen. I was working there but me and my sister argue alot so every time we argue I quit, but then we... more
My husband and I have been going to a therapist because of the recent miscarriages which is bringing up alot of things in the past that are depressing. I was working at dairy queen before and I had... more
I was doing the dishes and she was playing with her toys,I had a glow stick from the 4th of july and she bit into it and then crawled into the kitchen whining with her tongue sticking out and I... more
They said I had scar tissue and it was to soon they said wait 2 or 3 months and then I can try for another baby. I would have been 8 weeks in 5 days but I guess thats all over now we only knew I was... more
I have scar tissue because when I had a miscarriage the placenta wasn't coming out, they had to remove it.. I have been bleeding hevier then a period and was cramping.....
We are so excited I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, I am just guessing when I got pregnant if I am right then I got pregnant 2 weeks after my miscarriage.. I am scared but excited to have... more
Caitlyn is getting better she hasn't really thrown up she has been eating good so thats great!!! Samuel and I have been going to therapy SEPARATELY, I have noticed he has been acting alot happier... more
I orgasm really soon, I don't mean to but I am sensitive in that area if he just barely touches the inside of my leg I orgasm and then I am done I don't even want him to touch me after that, How can... more