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My husband likes positions that I don't really like, I like positions he don't like, I wanna find some positions that is pleasurable for both of us.
Other then her not wanting food. Now that I have started just pumping and feeding her with a bottle she doesen't eat baby food.
Caitlyn has been sick so shes turning my boob into a binky, I have been up all night feeding her and I think that shes close to the age that I should switch.
The doctor said she had the flu and gave me antibiotics, she has ran a fever at like 99.7 and has been throwing up I am worried about her, she screams all day...I don't know how to help.
I have been having horrible dreams and I wake up crying I was so scared that I was literally in my husbands lap. I have been crying all the time and then I get angry and sometimes the dreams are that... more
My husband got shot in iraq and he had to get surgery and they removed his spleen so his immune system isn't very good. If he were to get the flu he would probably die but I haven't taken him to the... more
I like short beautiful names for girls and for boys more strong names.
Me and my husband had sex yesterday would I be able to tell if I am pregnant today.
He wanted me to go to a therapist so I told him I would go if he was gonna go so we said we would both go we went there and gary(therapist) asked about the miscarriage he totally freaked out I have... more
He said that he ants to try again I asked my doctor she said its okay so where gonna try any tips on getting pregnant.