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samuel(husband) says he thinks im depressed I am still grieving but I don't think I am depressed but he wants me to go to a therapist. I keep saying I don't want to because I don't think I need to go... more
I have been bleeding during sex I don't know what happening.
She can stand up and take a step then she falls and she crawls good I need to know where I can find good baby proofing things.
I am not complaining I love my daughter but I need time to do things around the house
My daughter loves fruits but shes 8 months so I can't give her much but she won't eat baby food or baby cereal so I have to try to give her big girl food.
My husband wanted to try having sex again I wanted to wait because im a little sore but I did iit for him and it hurt I was almost crying.
It feels like goose bumps that don't go away
I was looking online for baby furniture to see what stores had before I go to get caitlyn a new crib because hers is starting to break and I found It has alot of cool stuff and if you... more
Okay I got one more question then I should be done I was wondering how normal it is to have weird dreams. I had a dream and I was in this weird world and out of no where and I seen plankton off of... more