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I haven't had my period yet so I need to know if I am gonna start soon.
I sat down with him and said ''I am so sorry'' he said ''its fine'' and then I said ''I need to talk to you ok I need your help im going threw alot and I need you to let me help you and you can help... more
He won't talk to me about the miscarriage, I had my mom pick up my 7 month old and take her to the park so me and the hubby could talk. I sat him down and ask him ''whats wrong you have acting... more
Today I went into the bedroom that was gonna be the new babys I had already decorated it and everything and I was gonna take down the decorations and give them to my friend because shes pregnant with... more
I have a little stool in my living room its and caitlyn uses it to climb on our coffee table. I don't know what to do caitlyn won't stop climbing on the table. Every single time I go out of the room... more
My daughter is 7 months old and will be 8 soon I really like breastfeading her but she bites me all the time. I feel bad for not breastfeeding her because I think it's the best thing for her and she... more
After I had caitlyn I got pregnant again when she was 3 months I recently had a miscarriage. Even though getting pregnant when caitlyn was 3 months was an accident I fell in love with the thought of... more
I went to the store and let my husband samuel watch caitlyn. When I got home I could've swore she said ''hi mama'' is that normal.
i dont wanna mak her sick
After my miscarriage me and my husband have been upset and stressed caitlyn is with my mother so we can have time alone. Whats something to make us feel better and calm.