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Okay well I was trying to shorten the story. But you want the full efect i'll give it to you. I gave my daughter cut up strawberries with yogurt because it's her fav lunch. Then I walked out of the... more
caitlyn was choking and t scared me so i noticed i was bleeding and went to the dr they said i lost the baby
I have to get up with caitlyn and feed her every night but also i cant sleep im so uncomfortable what to do
ok so me and my sister have been fighting over our babies my baby caitlyn who is 7 mths and her son who is 6 and a half mths were playing and her son jon took caitlyns toy and started smaking her... more
I am 23 weeks and my vagina is very sore my husband and I tried to have sex and had to stop because it hurt so bad if i pee it stings plus i feel like theres pressure right there. whats wrong?
he keeps wanting bjs because sex is painful for me what to do
after that she went in the air conditioned car and got sick from it and considering shes 7 months she wont eat sleep play or anything she screams constantly i dont know what to do shes hungry but she... more
my husband got a weird flu from iraq and had to come home because it was serious and we had sex and it hurts so bad that i screamed and had to stop
my daughter is beautiful and loves to perform i wanna start baby pagents what you think mothers?
she is not eating well what should i do