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I'm 37 weeks along and this week I started to get some backache (like if i were on my period). I know backache/cramps is common before labor but my question is, does that mean I can have my baby... more
OK, so I know that most of the common position when in labor and delivering is by having the women on her back, legs spread open. I watched this documentary on women squatting. I learned that it's... more
I'm 34 weeks along and was just curious around what time do most women loose their mucus plug. I haven't "released" mine just yet, I've read that the is one sign that you may be going into labor in... more
I'm 34 weeks along and for the past two days I've been in some pain. My sciatic nerve is killing me!!! I always try to elevate my feet and take walk breaks during working hrs. Is this a common thing... more
I consider myself an active person prior to getting pregnant and have tried to stay active during my pregnancy to stay healthy. I tend to workout from home, doing this prenatal dvd workout and have... more
Two things: 1) This past sat I went to the gym and walked for 20mins then I went to the pool and swam a bit (did not over do it). However, I've noticed that ever since that day, I have some... more
I am 29 weeks pregnant and my husband says that I snore pretty loud at times. I have never had a snoring problem before I got pregnant and I didn't believe my husband at first but the other day I... more
I've been reading on how some women feel when their baby has the hiccups. I don't think I've experience that, or I don't know what it should feel like. How am I to feel when my baby has the hiccups?... more
I am 27 weeks far and sometimes my stomach get's extremely tight/hard that its a bit uncomfortable. It usually goes away after a few mins and it doesn't happen all the time. I don't know if that is a... more
Ok, I am 27 weeks far and I try to rotate at night from my left and right side as it can get uncomfortable to stay in one position. I sleep with a pillow between my legs as I heard that is good.... more