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Girls seem a bit foreign to most new dads, but with these tips, you can form a special bond that will last a lifetime.
Before you had kids, getting out of the house with your significant other was as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. But since becoming a parent, it's not so easy. Here are five... more
My son, Brian, was a late talker, but the moment he started to talk was the moment our relationship deepened. I love our talks in the glow of a nightlight.
My fellow work-at-home moms, you can't control the world, and as soon as you accept this, the more productive you'll be.
Each year is a little different, but every summer break in our house seems to fall into the same four stages.
I never thought breastfeeding would be a controversial decision because only men had taken an interest in my boobs throughout my life. But I was wrong—very wrong.
Effective conversation helps parents create lasting, meaningful relationships with their kids. These 10 powerful statements can get you started on your way.
I can't pinpoint when it actually happened, but my hyper-emotional—and sometimes unmanageable—toddler has turned into my pint-sized buddy.
All parenting has its challenges, but managing two or more babies magnifies even the smallest of tasks.
Instead of pushing technology away from your kids, take ownership of what content they see and use it for good.