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A new study suggests putting off kindergarten could give your child a leg up in the classroom.
Ever wondered what teens are texting and tweeting away? The answer may shock you, if the results of CNN's recent #Being13 study are to be believed.
Moms will do just about anything for their kids—but would you do this to help find an organ donor for your child?
If your teen girl's totally into texting, it could negatively impact her grades, a new study found.
Pop sweetheart Taylor Swift continues her campaign of awesomeness by donating to help a family whose youngest member was diagnosed with cancer.
parents' tattoos
Recently we reached out to our Facebook fans and asked, "Do you have a #tattoo that honors your kids?!" You responded with some amazing body art! Here are 19 of our favorite unique tattoo... more
For a child, watching a parent deal with cancer is not only hard, it's confusing. But for one writer, channeling those childhood memories into a children's book turned into a cathartic... more
A rare brain amoeba took a young boy from his family, but he left behind a touching note.
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West
Anyone who says stars are just like us has never been to a celeb kid's birthday party. From an actual Ferris wheel to a toy Ferrari, some famous moms and dads spare exactly zero expense when... more
Should you worry about your kids' class size? One Florida dad is taking his concerns to court.