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The stress of parenting a child with autism slowly chipped away at our marriage until we were left holding crumbling pieces of a once thriving relationship.
After losing his mother, son interviews 20 Facebook friends about how they've coped with their parents' deaths
Pediatric dentist, Edward H. Moody, shares his tips for helping your child ban the binky.
You spend hours sitting next to fellow moms at kids' activities; here are five tips to turn them from strangers into friends.
Kids will run off their extra candy calories during their Easter Egg hunts, but we parents aren't as lucky
I'm working hard on my postpartum fitness, but I'll never see my "pre-baby body" again.
With the growing number of children in America having some type of Autism Spectrum Disorder, books on the subject are starting to become more common. We've compiled a list of great books for... more
Being a single mom isn't easy, but living on one income can be. Single, stay-at-home-mom, Sarah Titus, lives richly in what the world calls poverty.
Registered dietician provides tips on how to pack a more healthful lunch for your kiddo
She's a mom and she's a blogger, so she's mommy blogger, right? Not necessarily, there's more to blogging than meets the eye