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Former police officer and mother describes how to better protect your child from sexual abuse by teaching private parts safety.
You can travel successfully with a child with autism, but it requires planning—and some patience.
I'm going to be weird and wait to name my baby, because there will be a moment that will make all the waiting worthwhile.
Enrollments at online summer schools are growing, but is virtual summer school right for your kid?
Kids' money habits are formed by age 7, so it's important to teach them financial fundamentals early and often.
Get kids (and preggos!) in on the fun at parties with these festive, yummy non-alcoholic cocktail recipes.
Take a pause from sharing on social media and share some time with your tween by reading these 10 books together.
The role of dads has evolved exponentially from the Wally Cleaver types of yesteryear, but they're still often portrayed as irresponsible buffoons incapable of nurturing.
Experts share their discipline tips for managing the top five problem behaviors from toddler to tween—mealtime, tantrums, bedtime, homework and attitude.
It's often a brutal fight to the finish line of parent approval, and the greatest loss is the opportunity for siblings to seek, find, and nurture their true selves along the way.