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Don't assume that the choice to stand beside a husband in the face of infidelity indicates some form of weakness. I think it's quite the opposite.
Learning why divorce clients' marriages fall apart can really open your eyes to what makes relationships thrive and what doesn't.
Through each new experience as a mom, I've discovered a new part of myself.
Help kids stretch their brains and bodies with these 10 indoor activities. From animal moves to pom-pom races, there's something for every age.
A child's imagination is supposed to run wild when it comes to fantasy play, but it can literally be a nightmare if his mind races at bedtime. Here's how to ease his fears and get some Zzzs.
The grandparents mean well, but they might miss a few safety issues when you stay at their house with little ones. Use our guide to have a safe (and fun!) time.
I've been a mom for eight years, and I've constantly been sorting, cleaning, and organizing; because when you're a parent, you're never "finished" with anything.
On June 24, 2015, Chris D'Amico tragically lost his son in a boating accident, but he has transformed his loss into an international kindness movement.
If your kid is involved in organized sports, you've surely met a few of these parents.
Childhood obesity expert reveals common food myths that are making kids gain weight