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Being a dad is all about finding your own path to what makes you and your kids happy, and our list can help you find your way.
Sure, we've heard about helicopter parents and tiger moms, but what about "resurfacer" parents?
I almost felt like judging was a prerequisite to being a mom, but then someone said something to me that changed everything.
I fled groups that felt judgey or paranoid until I found the right mom communities that really understood my personal parenting niches.
I still like beer, football and "Storage Wars," but being a dad to daughters has opened my eyes and changed the way I view the world.
Author Deborah Harroun shares some of her favorite summer creations from her new book, "Best 100 Smoothies for Kids," the first smoothie book designed specifically for kids.
Prevent boredom and brain drain this summer by taking your child on mini field trips
The first bra-buying experience can be as emotional for parents as it is for daughters. Here are some practical tips to make the shopping process easier.
When mom has cancer, the whole family has cancer. Life doesn't return to normal. The whole family learns to adjust to a "new normal."
With grandparents more active than ever and families often separated by geography, it makes sense that family vacations are getting bigger and better with up to three generations choosing to travel... more