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If eating on the go or on the couch is more normal than not, here's how to reboot and gather your family around the dinner table again.
Date nights look and feel so different post-baby. Here's how to weed through your feelings and the "new-normal" facts to make date nights a priority again—when you're ready.
Doctor says her autism helps her understand her special patients in a way that no other pediatrician can.
18-year-old survivor is marking this Mother's Day with a thank you letter to her mom for all she's done to help her battle childhood cancer.
Being a mother might not always come naturally or easily, but it doesn't mean you don't have what it takes.
Pinterest makes DIY kids' birthday parties look great, but the reality behind creating them is a little different. Here's what happened when I tried to create a "Star Wars" party... more
Former police officer and mother describes how to better protect your child from sexual abuse by teaching private parts safety.
You can travel successfully with a child with autism, but it requires planning—and some patience.
I'm going to be weird and wait to name my baby, because there will be a moment that will make all the waiting worthwhile.
Enrollments at online summer schools are growing, but is virtual summer school right for your kid?