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While some children outgrow food allergies, others don't. Here are four ways to protect kids, even when they venture away from you in their teen and young adult years.
Why are we treating guys who actually parent their children like Super Dads, and not just good dads?
Ski resorts are still great vacation destinations for families, even if you don't or can't ski.
By determining how your child learns best, you can create a learning environment that better meets his needs.
I asked women around 60 years old with grown children what they wish they knew when they were my age. Here's what they want us younger moms to know.
People ask well-intentioned questions about my pregnancy, but "Is this your first child?" gives me pause every time I'm asked.
Learning why divorce clients' marriages fall apart can really open your eyes to what makes relationships thrive and what doesn't.
Help kids stretch their brains and bodies with these 10 indoor activities. From animal moves to pom-pom races, there's something for every age.
A child's imagination is supposed to run wild when it comes to fantasy play, but it can literally be a nightmare if his mind races at bedtime. Here's how to ease his fears and get some Zzzs.
The grandparents mean well, but they might miss a few safety issues when you stay at their house with little ones. Use our guide to have a safe (and fun!) time.