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Psychologist shares tips for handling common parenting disputes with your partner.
I can't help thinking about women who currently live in developing countries or mothers in the past who didn't have the luxury of choosing formula.
Taking a vacation alone with my child reminded me that any deep relationship—including those with my children—has to be nourished if it's going to continue to bloom.
As I look back on my time as a first-time parent and compare it to the choices I've made with my second kid, the differences are astounding.
Even though I complain about the Elf on the Shelf, he has saved me from refereeing candy cane-fueled squabbles a time or two.
While I know I have many firsts ahead of me, there are days when I mourn and think, "Wow, she's our last child."
With the countless benefits of bilingualism, it isn't surprising dual-language immersion schools are increasing in popularity. Find out if it's a fit for your child.
My kid's severe food allergies made this gingerbread house extra challenging, but even if it's not perfect, we're happy we made it, and it's standing.
Pediatric dietitian offers five tips for encouraging healthy holiday eating habits in kids to avoid weight gain.
Child sexual predators are not just the "creepy guys in the trench coats"; 90 percent of children know their abusers.