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To jumpstart your routine, try practicing yoga postures as a family by using the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song or with the acronyms PEACE, LOVE, and JOY.
These Christmas movie characters are so dysfunctional that they'll make you feel great about your parenting skills, even during the most stressful time of the year.
The things that really make us happy are the gifts only we can give to ourselves.
Superheroes are more than just cool; they can inspire a new generation of young scientists to one day turn science fiction into reality.
Making kids sit with Santa when they're afraid can have lasting effects.
No, I'm not a "bah humbug" type trying to take the joy out of Christmas. It's actually my favorite holiday! I just have a bunch of reasons why pulling off this whole "Santa... more
My unexpected pregnancy became a beautiful experience thanks to open adoption.
I wish I would have known a few of these things before beginning the grueling adoption process.
Time is flying by with my kids, so I'm going to make sure I make the most of my time with them this year with these family resolutions.
I'm not working harder to be a good mom for my child with Down syndrome than I am to be a good mom to my other two kids.