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When traditional treatments failed to control one baby's aggressive leukemia, her parents took a risk on a procedure that had never been performed on humans.
You have just a few minutes—seconds even!—before your toddler's emotions boil over into a tantrum. Here's how to help them simmer down.
What a new study indicates about the role of sugar in overweight kids' health.    
One in every 691 babies in the United States is born with Down syndrome. But my daughter Molly is so much more than a statistic.
From PARCCs to STARs to SATs, our kids are taking a LOT of standardized tests.
This superhero save comes less than two weeks after a China Airlines flight crew helped deliver a baby at 30,000 feet.
Show of hands, moms and dads: Which of these homework woes can you relate to?
And you thought your neighbors were unusual.
Even the best parents need to say "I'm sorry" to their children sometimes.
A shocking video shows a young boy drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. What?!