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for the record, i really hate stupid questions. whether it's on the internet, or in person. last week, i was in wal-mart with my newborn. a stranger came up to me, looked at my daughter, and said "... more
i recently received a baby k'tan wrap as a gift from my mother. i have 2 herniated discs in my lower back, and looking at the box i thought it would be a bit uncomfortable. however, I LOVE THIS THING... more
raw and uncut! pinkpaisley8709 is back! the stupid people better run and hide!!! i know i have been sorely missed, lol. by the way, i've had my second child. Anabelle is 3 weeks old now. i'm eager to... more
i am 10 weeks pregnant, with 4 slipped discs in my lower back. i fell down a flight of stairs 1 1/2 yrs ago, and that's what caused the problem. my doctor is aware of this, and i have an appointment... more
my daughter is 22 months. at around 18 months, we purchased a DVD called , "elmo's potty time" inside the case, they included a parent's guide to training. she took this guide, and banged on the... more
my husband has been begging me to try anal sex. i'm terrified, due to the fact that he has a very large piercing. it's a prince albert, and it's so big that you could stick a camel wide cigarette... more
i have tried every birth control meathod out there except the copper iud. everything! pills, the shot, nuva ring, the patch, you name it! my body can't handle the hormones. i thought everything would... more
i am 9 weeks pregnant as of monday. i applied for medicaid, but was just informed that i will probably not qualify, because my husband makes too much money. i have scoured the phonebook calling every... more
what do you get your husband for father's day? how about a baby boy. i told my hubby he won't recieve his package until christmas. damn, that was easy. lol. by the way, i'm 8 weeks pregnant, and... more
i really don't have any family or friends to brag to about this, so i decided to post it. yesterday, i watched in shock as my 21 month old daughter took her alphabet flashcards, and lined them up... more