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i recently came across a recipe on pan-fried peanut butter... more
my 20 month old daughter is a champion sleeper, normally. last night she woke up screaming in the middle of the night at 2AM. my husband went in to check on her, and said she was wide awake jumping... more
i offered a cup to my daughter at 6 months. (she's 20 months now) within 3 days, she was a pro at using one. lucky, me, i know. my only problem with sippey cups? no matter what the label says, there... more
how about this? i read a lot of questions on about what to do when your 14 and pregnant, or your 13 year old is having sex. we, mothers need to take a stand and talk to our daughters... more
why is it that there are more and more teen pregnancies every day? i live in MS. we have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the US. where are the parents? why are these girls not on birth control?... more
a few days ago, my 18-month old daughter picks up a parent's guide to potty training, bangs on the bathroom door to alert me that she needs to go, and sits on her potty. she orders me to sit on the... more