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My boyfriend and I just had our first child together. In the two weeks since our sons arrival things have been really hard. I nag him alot and I feel bad about it all the time, but he annoys me. I... more
I am a worker. The father of my son is unable to work at the time so I am feeling the stress of the impending arrival and not having enough money. I am a waitress so tips can be shoddy and not so... more
For about 5 or 6 days everything I eat goes right through me. I keep having upset stomachs and I feel like I can't eat anything. I will mention it to my doctor when i go back, but is there anything... more
I got knocked up within 4 months of meeting the father of my baby after not seeing each other for 7 years. Things started out great, the honeymoon phase I suppose, and now I have been staying with my... more
I am 26 years old and tomorrow I will be officially 20 weeks. Although I am very excited about hitting this wonderful milestone, I am a little concerned that I have no sex drive whatsoever. The idea... more
I am 9 weeks pregnant, I know it isn't very far but I am miserable! My boyfriend irritates me daily, I sleep in the floor of the babys room cause I don't want to be around him sometimes and he drinks... more
I am 6 weeks pregnant and I feel such an irritation with my boyfriend as of late. Every single thing he does, every single noise he makes his stupid little comments just annoy me. Why am I feeling... more
not know it. I am 5 weeks tomorrow and honestly scared out of my wits. I want this baby more than anything and I know anything can happen during the first trimester, so how can I ensure that my baby... more
I'm really scared and nervous nd dont know where to begin right now. I want to have a healthy pregnancy and a very healthy baby. Should I just take prenatal vitamins and iron until I can go see a... more