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I'm 28 wks and I've noticed when I start feeling hungry, the little guy starts kicking and squirmming around. Is it because my blood sugar is low and he feels it too? or is it just a coincidence?
I'm 24 wks, and last night I woke up with tight spasm type pain on my abnominal wall. Then when I woke up this morning I was coughing and it seemed to have brought it on again. Are these BraxHic... more
I would like to deliver my first baby natural, (if I don't try the first time, Im afraid I won't try later). There are no instructors close to me so any suggestions, has anyone read the book? Any... more
There other day I was sooo thrilled to see that my mother in law made fresh choc.chip cookies with yum yum walnuts, MY FAV!! but I took two bites and noticed my gums started to itch and then burn a... more
I told my husband last night I dream of the baby so much that I almost feel as though I get to visit with the baby...He thought it was cute. Does anyone esle constantly have dreams of their little... more
It seems like no matter what I eat I get gas! Is this normal, and is there anything that I can take to help it subside?
Im a first time expecting mom and wondering what other moms would say is necessary to have during the first year. My place is small so we are limited on space. Your advice is greatly appriciated!
some friends of mine want to go get our nails done, (acrylic type) is this safe?