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OH let me share this with you mommies! Last night I went to foodlion to get my son food,milk and us tacos for dinner well as I was getting sour cream my husband decided to scared me! i didnt know he... more
please read all My son was breastfeed for 1 month, then because i got mastitis i stopped and it was way to painful for me. He was on the enfamil premium infant from that point on. At the age of 7... more
How much should my 10 month old be eating? like how many of the gerber containers?, normally he eats about 2 each time he eats but he still seems hungry sometime and how many times a day?
Caled dr this morning cause Bs bottom is just not healing. its so red from eatting all the big boy food so call to see if they could they could do anything to help and the nurse was concered when i... more
Hey so ive been having problems feeding my son he will not take a bottle at all, tried spoons, straws, sippys, cups, everything, now ive found this called a pacifeeder, my son loves the paci so im... more
anyone know how to make other than just purees?
B is still not taking a bottle,sippy,popsickle,juice,water,milk,formula,straw,spoon idk what to do anymore, no one seems to think its a big deal cause he is having wet diapers, but they are WAY less... more
B's one year birthday is coming up in 3 months, what did you guys do? did you throw a big bday party or just a small get together? what theme? i dont want some baby theme i want something cool for my... more
y nine month old son has had a bad rash because he drink out of a bottle i have to mix his formula with oatmeal and give him big boy food so hes been pooping at least like 3 times a day sometimes its... more
ok my son decides he does not want a bottle, he does this a lot, atleast once every two months! I mean he'll go a like 4-5 days without a bottle, so what i do is mix his formula into his oatmeal. so... more