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i am now 39 weeks and 4 Days my due date is saturday december 11 and for a while i had been having this white discharge and i had asked around and i got told that it was my mucus plug that i was... more
i am 34 weeks pregnant and i dont feel my baby move as much as people say i should and some other people tell me that if i dont feel him move as much that that could be a sign of mental retardation... more
im 18 weeks pregnant and i cant feel my baby move is this normal?? also why do i always feel like im peeing on my self ?? like little skirts of pee im so scared please help have i mention this is my... more
my partner and i are 11 weeks pregnant and we dont have sex very often and well today i saw that hes looking up porn while im at work makes me so sad to know that im not pleasing him enough before we... more
Ive had a miscarriage before i didn't know i was having one all i felt were some sever back pain and lower awful cramps and the urge to go pee when i did all sorts of blood clogs came out and i lost... more