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Last night I woke up, and I went to the bathroom and I saw that I was bleeding.. It scared me, so I called my doctor, and they said that I was probably fine.. So I went back to bed, but this morning... more
I have always had big thighs, even as a child, and some girls may like curves. But me personally, I hate it! I am 18 weeks pregnant so I can't do as much as I'd like too, but is there any low impact... more
Something that really irritates me, and just confuses me about people, is how judge mental they are towards pregnant teenagers. Since I got pregnant, Everyone in school thinks I am a slut, or let's... more
Before I tell you my problem I have to go through this whole annoying back story! My boyfriend moved, and there was a stupid mix up with him transferring schools so he was staying with his friend... more
I am 13 weeks and 3 days. I am almost in my second trimester, and super excited about it. Now on to my problem. I went over to my sisters house for thanksgiving and we stayed there for a while... more
The girl name was already picked, so I have been thinking about boy names. I have come up with a few to go with the middle name, Drew. Kyson,Ryder,Riley,Toby, Russel,Mason, Finnegan. If you have any... more
Everyone I talk to says that they felt the baby move at 16 or more weeks pregnant. And I have Googled it a thousand times to see if it's possible, but since Monday I have been feeling something move... more
Alex has helped a lot with everything and he is helping a lot with the baby stuff. And we have everything worked out, but I was just wondering about some things, when should I start buying things?... more
All my life I have had irrational fears, at 12 I thought I was dying of aids before I had even had sex, At 13 I thought for sure I had cancer, And I remember being younger and worrying that I would... more
I have this friend named Skylah she is 9, we have been talking on facebook for a long time now, I was talking to her about me and Alex and I told her I felt like a whore, and she said these exact... more