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Q. Our 5-year-old has a mean playground buddy ("Gimme that or I won't be your friend!") whom she likes to copy. How should we deal with this?A. When she comes running to you in tears because her... more
Q. As a dad, what should I do when I'm out with my 3-year-old and she has to use the bathroom? Men's rooms are starting to seem inappropriate.A. This is a perfect example of why parenting is both an... more
Q. I grew up calling adults "Mr." and "Mrs." and want my kids to do the same. How can I deal with this diplomatically when many of my friends insist on being called by their first name?A. You can... more
Q. My 18-month-old has been rubbing her private parts with her baby doll. Could this be a sign that something's wrong?A. It's most likely just normal toddler behavior. Pick up any child-development... more
Q. My elderly aunt says racist things in front of my toddler. How can I get her to stop before he's old enough to understand?A. You could try to stifle her ("Aunt June, we're teaching Christopher... more
Q. My 6-year-old doesn't want to go to church and says he doesn't believe in God. How should we handle this? A. One of the downsides of giving our kids so many options (which book to... more
Q  My mother says I can't expect my 3-year-old to do chores, but I think he can start learning about responsibility now. Who's right? A You are, as long as you adjust your expectations to... more
Q. I thought my son would lose interest in his pacifier, but now, at 3, he's more attached than ever. How do I get him to quit?A. I'd hoped that by now my home would be pacifier-free -- that I'd have... more
Q. I think my husband should wake up at least sometimes when I nurse the baby in the middle of the night. He thinks it's crazy for us both to lose sleep since he has to work and I'm on maternity... more
Q. Sometimes I tell my child little fibs -- we're out of cookies, the TV show's not on right now, I don't have enough money. Is there really anything wrong with this?A. For a while when my eldest was... more