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A parent who was volunteering in the classroom saw teacher's open beer can and reported her to police
Dad is a match for both of his twin daughters who need liver transplants, but he can only undergo a living donor procedure once
Uncensored film shows realities of raising a child with a disability
Video of pregnant mom doing the 'Thriller' dance has gone viral with more than 1 million views
In the U.S., 75 percent of those physically restrained and 58 percent of those placed in seclusion rooms are students with disabilities
Montana representative wants to outlaw yoga pants for their "indecent" nature
GoFundMe campaigns for birthday parties started gaining momentum in 2010 and skyrocketed between 2013 and 2014
Moms use Kickstarter to create less 'girly' clothing line for little girls
Mom took son out of school to go to Mongolia to adopt second child and was charged with neglect for breaking truancy law
Florida car wash currently employs 35 men and women with autism