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Photographer mom documents sweet relationship between her 2-year-old daughter and her pet pig
On days kids eat pizza, they consume more calories, fat and salt than they do when they don't eat pizza, pushing them closer to obesity
The number of children receiving food stamps remains higher than it was before the start of the Great Recession in 2007
Indiana family gives Make-a-Wish Foundation wish to little girl who showed their terminally ill son kindness
Boy loves receiving mail—especially stickers—so his parents are asking others to send mail to him for his birthday
UK woman was technically born a man, but gives birth to twins thanks to IVF
Boy suspended for terrorism by telling a classmate that he could make him disappear with his Hobbit-type magic ring
Twelve-year-old sitting in front seat was thrown into windshield
Latina princess will make her debut on Disney Junior's "Sophia the First" in 2016
Super Bowl Ad aims to make 'like a girl' mean amazing things, not weakness