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Nanny hears voice speaking to her through baby monitor, and no one else is home
Dad is trying to project 6-year-old son who can't receive vaccines because he's immunocompromised from chemotherapy
Twenty-eight states saw a drop in unintended pregnancies by 5 percent or more
Swiss company offers service to find 100 percent, globally unique baby names
Ryan Reynolds opens up about being a hands-on dad to his new baby girl
Instagram followers attack model for having flat stomach after she shares a selfie of her postpartum body
Autism treatment usually starts around 3 years old, but study suggests earlier therapy may lessen symptom development
Parents had asked uncle to stay with boys, but he only checked on them 3 days per week for months
Parents insist that children don't ingest mineral, but their seven kids have been placed in protective custody for 72 hours
In his State of the Union address, President Obama argues that paid maternity leave isn't just a women's issue. It's everyone's issue.