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Mother thinks circumcision is barbaric; father is in favor of it. They've been fighting over the decision in the court system for four years.
Host's mother gives 5-year-old guest an invoice for activity fee after he doesn't attend birthday party
California mom refuses chemotherapy after being diagnosed with terminal bone cancer while pregnant
Child Protective Services is following state law, but shouldn't parents have a say in the rearing of their own children?
Pastor stopped funeral when he saw affectionate photos in mom's memorial slideshow
Dads Kordale and Kaleb received a lot of attention—positive and negative—for their Instagram photo last year. Now the couple is being featured in Nikon's ad campaign.
Florida elementary schools have been cutting back recess time or canceling it altogether to maximize class time
"New Girl" star and She & Him singer, Zooey Deschanel, is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Jacob Pechenik
PSA battles bullying by reminding people how powerful kind words are to those considering suicide
Boy has had entire esophagus reconstructed after swallowing button battery