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No one related to the toddler seemed to notice that she had been abandoned until her grandfather saw her photo on the news
Court rules that forcing an ultrasound on a patient interferes with doctor's judgment and harms doctor-patient relationship
The Yankees' Silver Shield Foundation covers college costs of children of police officers and firefighters who've died in the line of duty
Target contacted Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network to find children to feature in their ads    
The peaceful nurse-in was engineered to protest Kmart employee's comment to breastfeeding mother
CEO and soon-to-be mother of five says maternity leave has played an important role in her career
California schools use "restorative justice" to resolve conflicts instead of falling back on traditional discipline
Main characters, especially parents, are more likely to die in children's cartoons than in adult dramas
Children's book author, Judy Blume, returns to adult fiction after a 16-year hiatus
The glass bottle containing the vape liquid didn't have a childproof cap on it.