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Some women have aborted their babies based on the results of noninvasive prenatal tests, which could have been false positives.
Report counts nearly 100 school shootings in 33 states since the massacre in Newtown, Conn.
North Carolina mom is mad and confused after allegedly being shamed for breastfeeding in Qdoba
UNICEF report says war, violence and disease have affected millions of children worldwide
Texas police department allows drivers to avoid traffic citations if they give a donation of an unwrapped toy.
Massachusetts school's alarm system senses gunfire sound and instantly notifies authorities, cutting down response time.
Stats show female gamers dominate mobile games, and Apple's list of game apps reflects it.
On the 12 days before Christmas, J.K. Rowling will post new Harry Potter stories on the Pottermore fan site.
Starbucks' "Mobile Order & Pay" is being tested in Portland now and will roll out nationwide in 2015
Parents want to end entitled behavior and teach sons the true meaning of Christmas