Talk: Where Do Babies Come From?

Small Talk: Where Do Babies Come From? correspondent Oliver Houser gets the kid perspective on pregnant bellies and siblings, and the mom scoop on what it feels like to be pregnant.

Fri, 23 Aug 2013|

-Small Talk. -I'm [unk] Howser with Where do babies come from? Let's go find out. Where do babies come from? -A baby classroom. -Baby classroom, of course. Mommy's belly. -That is so logical. Where does your mommy come from? -My mommy comes from her mommy. -And how about her mommy? -From her mommy. Oh, my god. Where's- how about the first mommy? -From her mommy. -What was it like being in your mom's belly? -There was just 2 bite my fingers. -There were 2 white thingies in your mommy's tummy when you were in there? Oh, my god. I hope she's okay. What do you think they were? -I think it gave me my food but I could do a backflip in there. -What did your mommy look like when you were in her tummy? -I do not know because I was in her tummy. -She has a big belly. -How did it feel like when you- when you learned you're gonna have a baby brother? -Happy. Awesome. -It was awesome? What's it like having an older sister? -Really cool. -Why is it really cool? -Because I have someone to hang out with. -What do you do to take care of your sisters? -I watch them. -What's it like being a big brother? -That's okay. -Okay. Yeah. Are you the boss? Tell me your name again. Oh, okay. Sorry. That's- and what do you imagine it's like to be- to be pregnant? -Well, beautiful, the best thing in the world. -It feels like a little miracle. The baby gets bigger. I'm sure it'll get more bothersome but now, it's a little bit magical. -What's in mommy's belly? -A little baby. -Oh. -What was it like finding out you're pregnant the first time? -The first time- -By the way, I didn't know there was a second time. I'm glad you said that. -That's pretty [unk]. -You feel like you're in tune with like this other person inside of you? -I think so. I mean, it feels- it's like there's something like, you know, little bean swimming around and he does this thing. -Yeah, there he is. -It's really wonderful to see Audrey interact with her and see her and feeling like oh [unk]. The baby moved. That's just really fun.