Talk: Kids Talk Teeth

Small Talk: Kids Talk Teeth

What does it sound like when you brush your teeth? Oliver Houser asks kids to show off their oral hygiene IQ.

-Small talk. -Hello, teeth enthusiasts. I'm Oliver Houser with and we are gonna talk to some kids today about dental hygiene. Let's go. How often do you brush your teeth a day? -One hundred. -A hundred times? I only brush my teeth twice a day. -I brush my teeth really hard, so I can make rumbling noise. -What happens if you get a cavity? -You have germs and you can't speak when you cough. -What does it feel like to brush you teeth? -Toothpaste. -It feels like toothpaste? -What I like best about brushing my teeth is looking at my teeth after I'm done. -What does it feel like in your mouth? -It feels like it's shiny and clean. -And everybody is always telling me how pretty I am and then I'm like, "Look at my teeth," that makes me even more pretty. -What does it sound like when you brush your teeth? -I do this all day. Do you have any feelings about this? -[unk] -Okay. Oh, that's fine. I'm sorry. Let's all try some toothbrushing. Do we have some toothbrushes? -[unk] -Okay. I'm gonna put this down. All right. Let's go. On a count of three. One, two, three, brush those teeth. Oh, my God. Sarah is going hard for it. Wow. Nice. I like your technique. Oh, oh, we have some drool, so that's fine. It means, he's doing a-- It means that he is intense. He's taking it seriously. Does it taste good? Or what? -Tastes like strawberry. -Like strawberry? -Strawberry. -Nice. We're gonna try some of this mouthwash. Here we go. Okay, ready? Really swish it around. I wanna hear that. Oh, she means [unk]. Wow. Oh, my gosh. How was that? -Delicious. -Squeaky clean.