Talk: Mother's Day

Small Talk: Mother's Day

We surveyed a few kids for their mother's day ideas and thoughts. We loved the charming things they had to say.

-[unk]-- -Hi, there. It's Brian Braiker with and with Mother's Day right around the corner we figured we would go out and ask some kids what they're planning to do this year. What are you doing for Mother's Day? Do you have any plans? -I'm gonna make my mom breakfast in bed. -Breakfast in bed. What is she gonna eat? -Eggs Benedict. -Any tips on Hollandaise sauce? -No, not really. I think it's a last-minute thing or surprise. And dad's definitely not gonna start wandering off or do some work like he usually does on Saturdays or Sundays. -Any big plans for your mom? -Good dinner. -What's a good dinner for your mom? -Maybe salsa. -What do you think she would like as a surprise? -Breakfast in bed. -Yeah? What would you make? -Pancakes. -What's your mom good at? -Making pancakes? -What makes a good mom? -Willing to share anything she has. When you need something, she could get it for you. -She's there for you. What's a good mama? -Who gives me a [unk] every day-- that's [unk] every day. -A good mom is someone who agrees with you most of the time and does get upset when your sisters hits you on the knee. -My mom is good at cooking. She cooks very good stuff. She's also good at yelling at people. -What makes her mad? -When I slammed the door on her face. -Do you slam the door on your mom's face? If you could give your mom anything in the world, what would it be? -A project, like a big project because-- -You'd give her homework? -I would probably give her a new kitchen set because she loves cooking. -What does a mom do that makes you know that she loves you? -She cares for you. She gives you food. She gives you a home. -She said she'd think about getting a pet turtle instead of- and suddenly say no. -And she kisses me. -She is loving and caring. So, that's what a good mom is and that's how you know a mom loves you. -I don't know what I would give my mom. She says I'm the only thing that really matters.