Infants Left To Roast In 100-Degree Heat Inside Car

Two Infants Left To Roast In 100-Degree Heat Inside Car

With triple digit heat once again expected to hit California, parents are warned to not leave kids inside the car when they go to the store. But it seems some parents aren't getting the message. As ch

-That recording breaking temperature is expected to continue throughout this next coming week and that means you gotta keep the kids and the pets and your elderly neighbors, everybody safe-- -Absolutely. -from the heat outside. -Okay. Today's [unk] has been following a story in Cudahy all day where one mother is now in police custody after leaving her kids in a hot car. And he joins us there live now with the very latest. Dave. -And the what-if on this one -- What if somebody hadn't seen these two infants in the back of this car, the car locked, hot temperature certainly. Well, that's the "what if" on this one certainly, and beyond that, the challenge of figuring it all out. It's been happening around certainly. -Living it up on the twirly bird on a hot August night, but for the adults, the news spreading here at the big mall in town in LA County's second smallest city regarding one parent's decision. -Like, it's really, really hot like for me that I'm big, imagine for a little kid. -You know, I said, "Hey, hey, hey." No response at all. -It's when an officer in Indiana came across this summer and then just who was inside, 124 degrees in there. And this father here with another case from the Midwest, his infant daughter dead in a car where it reached well past 100 degrees. -Okay. They said you never dropped off Joshua. Where is he? -A reenactment by a watchdog group, but this is real. Picture shared by the LA County Sheriff's Department over the weekend, a one-year-old and his two-week-old sister pulled out in Cudahy then rushed to the hospital. Their mother out shopping. -From what I thought, you brought her in. No, I thought you brought her in. We rushed out and she was still there in her car seat and clinging to life and she was literally moments away from death. -Sharing his story of father from Northern California, his daughter now suffering brain damage. Another case of a child left in a hot car. -Sorry, mommy took so long, sweetie. Did you have a good time listening to [unk]. Sweetie, look at mommy. Look at mommy, sweetie. Sweetie, what's the matter? Somebody help! -And this 18-year-old mom, this real-life mom, that we're talking about now faces felony charges, both infants doing fine. They're home tonight from the hospital with family members.