When to Toilet Train Your Baby

Knowing When to Toilet Train Your Baby

Potty training is a developmental milestone and like learning to walk, it can’t be rushed. Find out how to tell when baby is ready to use the toilet and get tips to help make training a breeze.

Toilet training is a developmental milestone. Like learning to walk, it can't be rushed. I think it's best to wait until your toddler is truly ready. For most boys and girls, it's around two and a half to three years of age. My own boys were three and a half before they are ready to use the potty. But in order for them to truly be ready to learn how to use the potty, they have to be able to know that they need to go. They have to be able to get to the bathroom, and they have to be able to get the pee or the poop in the potty, even though they may need a little help from you. Positive reinforcement is very important when you're trying to help your toddler use the potty. You never wanna punish or discipline them. Simply praise them or "Let mommy know if you need to use the potty." You don't wanna be the potty police and ask them every 20 minutes, "Do you have to use the potty? Do you have to use the potty?" And something small such as a sticker or a stamp on the hand is always a fun reward when they use the potty.