's Role with the Baby

Dad's Role with the Baby

In this parenting tips video learn what the important role of the father is straight after birth.

-Unconditional love of a father, it's one of the most special gifts a parent can give to his child. -Dance, dance. -It means everything to Mike Moberg and his one-year-old daughter, Kayla. -[unk] good girl. -The nurturing years with the children at this age, I feel that it's the most important thing to me. I love the time with her. It's just completely different. It's very eye opening, very breath taking sometimes, then you sit back and say wow. -While Kayla's mother works a regular nine-to-five shift, Mike's late night hours affords him time in the morning to bond with his daughter. -An early bond between a father and a baby is no less important than the early bond between a mother and a baby. -Pediatrician and father, Dr. Paul Horowitz, says in the past, father's role as a natural nurturer has been underestimated. -There's some perception that moms are somehow innately more qualified at taking care of babies or being the-- an important caregiver to a baby than dads, and that's not altogether true. -Dr. Horowitz says every activity you do with your child can be considered a time to bond, from getting dressed-- -Baby changing 101. -to playtime. -Where's the green one? Open-- -Even feeding time can be a great bonding experience. -Feeding time is a very good time for baby and father to bond, though traditionally, it's been thought of as a time for mother and baby to bond. That's a wonderful opportunity for the father to put his face right there and baby's visual field as he or she is suckling or if a baby is being bottle fed, the father can certainly participate in that as well. -Of course, as your children grow, so will the long list of activities you can incorporate into their lives. But for now, Mike is taking pleasure in the simple joys he shares with his daughter. -The most satisfying moment is probably when I come home. She recognizes who I am and she smiles and she does one of these, like, with her hands. You walk in that door and all the stress from the day, you see her smiling at you and it's gone.