Sign Language Basics

Baby Sign Language Basics

Better.TV discusses the basics of baby sign language and how you can communicate with your baby.

-[unk] that is frustrating to new parents is hearing your baby cry and not knowing why. Life will be so much easier if they could just tell you what they needed, right? Well, through the use of baby sign language, they can. Tony's got more in today's Better Parenting. -This is Oscar, about 8 months old. He's got a lot to say. You might not realize that, but with baby sign language, you can find out exactly what's on his mind. I'll show you how. Long before they can talk, babies are trying to tell us something. -Between 6 and 8 months, they're ready to start signing. -How do we sign book? Just like that. -And with baby sign language, we can find out exactly what that something is. -They can tell you when they're sad. They can tell you when they're hurting like if their teeth are hurting. That's a big one. They can tell you when they're hungry or if they just wanna be held. It's amazing what they can tell you. The signs that I've chosen are very easy signs. So,-- -Shira Fogel is a baby sign language specialist. -This is the sign for eat. -Her Tiny Talkers workshops give parents all the skills they need to begin signing with their babies. -It's so frustrating as a parent not knowing why your child is crying. And so, to be able to find out exactly what it is, for them to communicate with you right away, that's, I think, the biggest motivator. -How do you sign monkey? Yeah! -It really works. And they can sign so young too. -Shira's own experiences proved that with good effort and dedication,- -How do you sign giraffe? That's right. -the results can be amazing. -When my son was 7 months old, we were at the ball and he saw another baby and he pointed to the baby and he signed baby. And my husband and I just looked at each other because at 7 months old you don't really expect them to see another baby and really make that connection. Oh, that's a baby like me. And then he took it a step further. The baby had a hat on and he signed hat. And basically what that did was opened up a conversation. He wanted to tell us that he was thinking about this baby wearing a hat. And from that, we were able to engage on a conversation with our 7 month old. -But there's more to gain than just conversation. Research shows that babies who sign speak earlier, become better readers, and have higher IQs than their peers. -For me personally, it was life changing, which is why I decided to go out and educate other parents about it because it was that powerful of an influence in my children's world. -Well, beyond the proud qualifications of baby sign language, what's amazing to me is the capacity to learn that kids have even when they're babies. They're much brighter than we've ever given credit before. I'm Tony Martinez. Thanks for watching. -Very interesting. To find out more about Tiny Talkers and baby signing, you can log on to and then follow the link.