to Choose Baby Names

How to Choose Baby Names

In this parenting video learn some tips on how to give your child a good name.

-[unk] you say beef. -Yellow. -Yellow. -Yellow. -What about beef? -In two months, Kyle and Alex Richardson will be joined by a baby brother or a sister who, as of yet, remains nameless. Parents, Daren and Sheryl, are working on that. -Especially with the first one, it seemed like such a huge thing 'cause you don't wanna give them the name that's gonna be difficult throughout their lives. You wanna give them the cool name but a good name. -Like, many parents the Richardsons began their search for baby names in a baby name book. -Daren is really good about reading out names to me and some names that he throws out there, we just, "Oh no, I knew someone like that, then they're very bad kid. No, I don't want that one." -It's cute. -Blake -- English, attractive, dark. Okay. -Daren and Sheryl were hoping to find names that reflected their Irish-English heritage. But that wasn't the most important thing. -The main goal was to have a name that flowed that he could get through life well, that we like, that we thought was a good name. -Cameron is too long, I like it. It's too long. -Yeah, Cameron Richardson. It's a long name really, yeah. -Jennifer Shu, the Richardsons' pediatrician has treated lots of kids over the years and she knows that not every child likes his or her name. -Depending on how poorly it's chosen, it can be really embarrassing, it can make them standout, bring unwanted attention to them that they might not like. -What's in a name? Potentially, quite a lot, like family history,-- -Adelaide. -ethnicity,-- -Chandra. -religion,-- -Elijah. -celebrity,-- -Elvis. -beauty-- -Melody. -individualism,-- -Felisa. -or popularity-- -Taylor. -Is your child one in a million or one of a million? Popular names have an advantage. -They're easier to spell,-- -My name, Jonathan. -more likely to be pronounced correctly. You don't have to clarify or answer questions about it like how did you get that name. It's really different or unusual. -The social security administration keeps a running tally of the most popular baby names from year to year. Emily, for instance, zhas been the most popular girls' name for six years running. On one hand, this means the name is a safe bet. On the other hand, it means that your very special little Emily will likely be sharing her classroom with three or four other very special little Emilies. So, are unique names the way to go? -It might not be as easy to spell especially if your parents have chosen an unusual spelling for it. So, if it's not as common, people will have a harder time writing it out or pronouncing it. -Dr. Shu suggests you run the names on your short list through a couple of tests. -The truth test, would you want to be called that name yourself for all your life. And the other one I have is the telephone test -- if somebody calls you on the phone asking for that child, do you want them to be able to pronounce it correctly? Is it important to you or does it not matter to you if somebody mangles the pronunciation of your name? -So far, the Richardsons have Kyle Jacob and Alex Daniel. What's in the hopper for baby number three? -Daren is leaning towards Blake and I'm leaning towards Collin, so. -We'll decide on Blake and then the next day, she's kind of back with Collin which we didn't do that with either of the other boys. So, it tells me that she's not completely sold on it. -And what's the plan if baby number three happens to be a girl? -We're thinking, maybe, Caitlin or Ashley. -Of course, no parent can predict precisely how a child's name will be used or abused or how much a child will love or loathe the name he is given. -I like my name, Daren Wayne Richardson, but I was teased a lot for Wayne for whatever reason. I don't know why. I don't know. -So the more important thing is to make sure your child has good self-esteem and self-confidence. So, no matter what their name is, what their nickname is, what they get teased about, that they have enough self-confidence to feel proud of who they are. -If mom and dad are having trouble agreeing on a name, there are--