Baby Language

Dunstan Baby Language

Testimonials for an amazing new system for communicating with your baby.

-It's simple. It's easy to understand and easy to pick up on. I'm sure my mother would have benefited from it when I was a baby. He's a happy baby and I'm not just saying that, but the whole family is saying that and friends of mine, what a happy laid back little baby he is. And he is because whatever he-- whatever he needs, I can do it straight away and this piece, you know, it's great. I'm a happy person. My baby's happy. Even the dog's happy. -I'll be honest. I was skeptical at first. I thought, yeah, you know, I've already had 1 daughter. I know exactly what to do this time around, but it's not really the case. Differently so than the idea for sure that the language and just those 5 words do make a major difference. -It's changed my life completely knowing the sounds that they make. Well, I didn't even know they existed before seeing the Dunstan program. It's just really good. -I think it was just a level of excitement to know that these little babies who aren't supposed to come with instruction manuals actually can come with an instruction manual. -The first time I heard she said, "eh", I straight away burped her and then she burps and then actually, oh, that's it. You know, that's the sound. -For me, using the baby language actually just made my life so much easier and so more much efficient, which is a funny thing to say within your baby because I actually know what Devon wants and I can give it to him almost all the time and it just makes him happy and therefore makes me happy. Seeing how she reacted and the noise that she made and me being able to understand her, I could right do do what she needed at that moment so that it really made a big, big difference to our life. I watched the DVDs while Chloe was asleep and I thought, oh yeah, that's really interesting. And then as soon as she was awake and started making some sounds, I just thought that it just blew me away. It completely blew me away. -It was half an hour after the DVD when Bill had cried first. I took control of the situation and it worked. And from that moment on, I knew this works for me. This works for anyone. -Within the first 3 days of using the Dunstan system, we noticed the difference straight away. It's like he's more confident, if that's the right word, in telling us what he needs. And because we can pick it up easier, we're more confident. And so, he's just a happy little Bob. -You just know what they want almost straight away and there's not much trial and error. It's just, you know, bang. So, you know what they need. Give it to them. -It's just completely opposite to what it was. You know, much more relaxed and just enjoying motherhood. I think he's a lot calmer because you're calmer, because you've lot a lot more understanding about why he's actually crying and then we have a lot calmer baby because of that. That made it a lot smoother and it was an instant change. -I felt so smart. I felt like my baby was calmer because of it. -It really works. I mean, you-- you hear the sounds. You can recognize it in your own children and you settle accordingly. Our baby, from a relatively early age, you know, once we started, you know, recognizing what his needs were, has been sleeping through the night. -With the system, it gave me more time with her playing. She got more active in between instead of just crying all the time. We would have more moments for ourselves and have a bit of a play and that was really nice. -It certainly has given me confidence that I wish I had 6 years ago with my first. -It helped tremendously for those first, you know, couple of months just getting to know what she wanted, how to handle her and it just-- I think it was probably the best thing that we ever did. -The DVDs were great. They were nice and simple. They weren't difficult to understand. It wasn't using all these different types of languages and medical terms or what have you. It was pretty straight forward. -You feel more in control, which is a good thing, 'cause you can really feel out of control. If I had it with the first child, it would have been very, very helpful to a new, new mother. -It's something that helps us communicate with Joshua a lot better and helps him communicate with us and keeps us both sane. -It makes life easier. It's not-- I'm not sitting there wondering what does she want, what does she need from me. It worked. It basically worked straight away. -There were nights where-- yeah, when I was just crying, you know, a lot of the night because I just had no idea what this baby wanted, none whatsoever. But using the Dunstan system, it's easier to figure out what they want quicker. -It sort of made it a little bit more clearcut and I felt like I had some guidelines to work within rather than it just be completely overwhelming and completely unknown. It sort of felt like it was, yeah, more manageable. -If only I had known this with my first one, it would have been so much more easy. He's a happier baby and, oh, he's not crying as much so I can-- I know what he needs straight away with the different sounds. -It's amazing to actually have something that allows you to make the decisions yourself based on what you can see and hear and what your baby is displaying. -I think it definitely helps that you both are sort of seeing off the same [unk] so Anthony can pick up the cues the same as I can and you don't end up with escalated crying because the cues have been misread. -It's like having a key to a door. It's really good.