Frankel on Parenting Her Daughter Bryn

Bethenny Frankel on Parenting Her Daughter Bryn

Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel sits down with Parenting magazine's AnaMary Connery to talk about her favorite role: being mom to daughter Bryn.

-I like magazines that are about my life and not per se what I'm wearing like how I'm living and what I'm doing and I'm really most proud of being a parent so being in the cover of Parenting is really exciting. It's how I define myself first now. I'm definitely a businesswoman but I make all my decisions based on Bren first so I supposed that's how I think of myself when I get something changed. -How do you like having a girl? -I thought of having a girl because Bren wears a bow every day and she needs a cupcake and she does so delicately and when I'm doing my makeup she loves to play with the brushes and my favorite place to be is my closet or my jewelry box and it just feels very girly and bond and I like that though. -What about like dressing her? Do you plan like when she's dressing her to shoot? The shoot has put together when you-- -No. Only I dress her. -It's not-- it's more than the outfit is ready, I choose to back up where I tell everybody what's going to be going on for the week. It's more so because they grow so quickly and I'm obsessed with wearing tings. I'm obsessed with not having something sit there and then it just be grown out of because that has happened. It's made me crazy when it's something adorable that she's had that she doesn't wear. -Right. -So I make sure to look through everything. She's a primie so she's still smaller. So right now she's wore too much but she' still wearing some 12, you know, 6, 12 no. So I made sure to wear all of that and then we move on to the 80 months so there's a method of my crazy madness. -Now you did mention that you kind of make sure the schedule is running on the time with her in the evening when people could come back through time. -She and I do bathies together and then Jason will take her hand at the bath because I get nervous walking on the bathtub with her just a dangerous place-- -In case you slip or something. -I just don't love that. I do it home alone but I don't love it so I'll hand her to Jason. He'll put her in her pajamas and then I'll take her back and I'll hold her in her room until she's about to go to sleep. That's our quiet lockdown time. -Does she sleep with you? -Bren doesn't sleep with me. When she's sick she sleeps with us and in the rare occasion that she wakes up in the middle of the night I will bring her in. -She's gonna sleep with you. -She's an excellent sleeper and I do attribute that to structure and that was the great thing about having a baby nurse. I didn't know a thing and they teach you structure. You know this is when the baby eats, this is when the baby sleeps and that is it. -All right. -And I'm even more militant about it now. Jason or Jason's parents or some people the minute they hear her in the morning will go in there and my rules there's no going in there until 7:30. -Really? -Unless she's crying. If she's crying we'll go in but she's learned that in playing her crib from 6:30 to 7:30 just sitting there. It's good for them to be alone and be by themselves. Somehow I make up my own rules. So my rules it's really the 7. If there's no 7 attached to it we're not going in and it's great because as she gets older we're alike. I mean I need people that stay there up at 6 o'clock. -Oh yes. -And then they'll join. They'll do anything to make that different and it's because she has structure and she sleeps from 8 o'clock at night until 7:30 in the morning every night. -Really? -Yes. -Did nursing come easily to you? -No. Nursing was excruciating. Not painful, just emotional and I felt the failure and it did not come easily to me. It's definitely healthier in my opinion. It's definitely a bond and it's something that you'll never get the chance to do again like if you don't do it you could regret it. So I loved doing it, but you have to do it in your own way and I feel that it could be very militant. People are very militant about it and they don't realize that there's a happy meeting. You don't have to do it every minute of the day. There can be a gray area with that, and I just feel like women are too extreme. I'm not doing it. I can't do it or you have to do it and there's a lot of shame. It's a whole lot of emotions around breastfeeding. It's a very, very fiery topic. -What's a baby product you can't live without? -Baby wipes, baby wipes just for the counter, for cleaning her mouth, you know. -Whichever there are stains on. -Take out the stains, I used them for under eye makeup. I use them on my face before-- whenever you wash your face and you put on the towel it's filled with black makeup, will fill the towel -Oh yes. -So I'll just do a baby wipe all my face and then put the towel in. -Yes. -In terms of you and like you know staying fit and healthy and now that you have a baby, what do you do to kind of still feel like you even before you had Bren? -I'm not extreme about exercise because I just don't believe in that. I'm really mellow about it, but it always sort of you always get there. You always end up doing something and not every single day exercise is something you should be consistent about. You don't be obsessed about. -Well, thanks so much for joining. We're happy to have you. -Thank you. -You're a great example for our demo. You're balancing a lot of things and you also have a happy, healthy girl to show for it. -I do. -So that's great. -Thank you.