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Parenting - Tori Spelling - Interview

Check out what went down behind the scenes at the photo shoot, and see Parenting's exclusive interview with Tori Spelling.

-It's so funny because I've always wanted to do old Hollywood photos. I've always wanted to be dressed up. I feel like that's an era I'm supposed to live in. And I always wanted doing like 1920's or I was hoping [unk]. It's so funny and it's like my life is kind of in full circle now. Here I am preparing for a magazine and my kids are in it and [unk]. -You have another baby on the way. -Maybe, I know. So it's perfect. -Do you know what you're having? -We don't know, but I'm gonna find out. -You did find out with the others though. -We did find out and we figured one of each we're blessed and whatever comes our way, we're happy about. -Do you think 3 was it? -We thought 3 was it until we got pregnant with #3 and then we thought how about 4? -So dirty diaper duty, who does it better, your or Dean? -Dean. -Ahh. -I'm not crazy about that. -A modern dad. Girls versus boys. What's more challenging? -Probably boys. Liam definitely challenges us more than Stella. But Stella is dramatic. -What about, what's your biggest pregnancy craving? You're on your third time now. What do you notice is the trend? -Avocados. -Really, is that why you have avocado trees in the backyard? -I bought mini ones. Well, the funniest thing is I ate an avocado sandwich with mayonnaise and white bread every single day of my entire pregnancy with Stella. It's her favorite thing in life. She eats half an avocado every day. -Wow, that's very [unk]. -Yeah. -What's like a product you can't live without? -What's their diaper cream? -Triple Paste. -Triple Paste. -Triple Cream. -No, Triple Paste. -Triple Paste, there you go. -Triple Paste, sorry. -Okay, there you go. You can't live without [unk]. -[unk] I know. No, all I know is the [unk]. That's all I look for my [unk]. I don't know the name, but yeah, that we couldn't live without. It's elegant technology [unk]. -Oh, she did? -Yeah. -Oh. Stella or Liam say they wanna be actors and you say- -I'd laugh first. And then I would tell them- I would want them to wait 'til they were at an age when they understood what that meant. -Okay. -It's not just about being famous. It's hard work. It's a profession. It's something that you put a lot of work and effort into and I'm gonna explain it for them, you know, the ups and downs of it. -Last romantic date with Dean. -Probably while we were away. We were on vacation. We got this normal night and we went out to dinner, and we take the kids everywhere. I'm that mom. I'm a working mom, so I work a lot. So, you know, when I'm doing a lot of my businesses, I try to be with them every second I can and involve them in it but a lot of times, it keeps me away from them. So I do have that guilt. So when it's off hours, I wanna spend every second with them. So Dean, you know, Dean has to save me once in a while. [unk] and go out. -You just shot the cover of our Halloween issue, which was obviously the costumes are all about Hollywood icons. I know that you love to dress up. I've seen you on your shows. You're very into throwing parties and doing all that. What's been your favorite costume today? -Today, it would probably be my favorite. I've always [unk] Hollywood definitely the era that speaks to me. I don't know. I'm just- I'm always fascinated with movies and old actors and I feel like in modern times, we've lost a little bit that glamour and I think it's kind of nice to be able to have it because I picture them still dressed up like this, having a baby on each hips holding them and being moms but still being able to be glamour and kind of making it all work. And to me that's what this means. -That's great. So just one last question, we have a lot of first time moms. We're parenting obviously. So you're kind of a pro at this point I would say. -Oh, my gosh, really? -By most people's standards, by the time you get to #3, you're well on your way. What's the best piece of advice that you would give to first time moms-to-be? -It was the best advice that I was ever given and the advice was don't listen to anyone's advice. -It's very good. -And it still rings true because when I was pregnant, everyone said, don't do this, do this, do that. It made me so panicked that it was hard for me my first pregnancy to me during my pregnancy. Same was true, you know, people started before I had the baby, "Oh, when you have a baby, do this. At 4 months, [unk] or lower crib, you do this, you do that." There were so many rules- -Right. -that it can make you crazy and make you doubt yourself. And I found that your maternal instinct is always best. Listen to yourself because you know your baby better than anyone else. It was literally the best advice because I was literally writing everyone's advice down and I threw that paper away a long time ago. -That's great. Well, thank you. -Thank you so much. -It's been a lot of fun. -Yes, it's been an honor. -Thank you. We really appreciate it.