Art Birthday Party

by Barbara Rowley

Art Birthday Party

Make your child’s birthday an artistic affair with these three kids birthday themes


* Supply a box of dress-up clothes so guests can get theatrical.

* Have them play charades.

* Put on puppet shows.

* Make instruments for a band.

* Indulge in face painting.

* End with a show-stopping flashlighted presentation of a cake decorated like a theater marquee.

Awesome Art

* Get young artists to decorate everything from party hats to the tablecloth to their own cupcakes.

* Draw mazes and sidewalk games with chalk.

* Play Pictionary Junior if your celebrants can draw well enough.

Block Party

* Have beat-the-timer tower-building contests using wooden blocks that kids can personalize and take home later.

* Challenge teams to build the highest freestanding tower using the same amounts of construction paper and tape.

* Serve a towering cake.