How to Make a Cardboard Box Car

by Editors

How to Make a Cardboard Box Car

Step-by-step instructions on making a car out of a cardboard box



1. Seal a large box with packing tape.






2. Have an adult use a box cutter to cut out a semicircle on each side to make the doors. Then cut two thirds of the top of the box, leaving it joined to the car’s “hood.”






3. Fold the cut top of the box to create a windshield. Then tape the top fold to its bottom half.








4. Have a grown-up cut out a windshield.







5. Glue on paper-plate wheels.






6. Attach plastic-cup lights with glue.






7. Get a custom paint job using finger and tempera paints.






8. Add upholstery by gluing fabric or construction paper to the inside of the car.