20 Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies

by Amy L. Hogan

20 Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies
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Instilling a love of reading in your child from an early age is extremely important. Child development experts and parents alike can all agree on that fact. One of the best ways to get babies interested in books is to regularly read to them, starting in utero and continuing throughout their adolescent years.


For newborns and young babies, books are a handheld toy that can stimulate all five senses. The youngest learn a lot by observation in those early months, so every time you sit down with a book, your baby is taking note. It’s helpful to get them involved in the books, which is why you want to make sure to have an array of reading material and board books that encourage interaction.


These are usually sturdy board books referred to as “touch and feel” books or “life and learn” books. They tend to have lots of different textures and patterns and colors. Many of them have flaps and doors that are intended to be lifted or opened, while others might offer scratch-and-sniff smells or rough-and-bumpy and smooth-and-shiny textures.


As your baby grows, they start to imitate you and will pretend to turn pages. Before long, they’ll discover the joys of interacting with the pages. While babies are flexing their manual dexterity by touching and exploring these books and having fun playing, they are actually developing their fine and gross motor skills as well as stimulating their sensory development and language skills.



  • Best Touch And Feel Books For Baby


Baby Einstein: Backyard All Year


Noisy Farm


Pat The Bunny


Baby Touch And Feel: Animals


Baby Touch And Feel: Mealtime


If I Were A Dog


See, Touch, Feel: A Fist Sensory Book


Never Touch A Dinosaur


Touch And Feel: Farm


Touch And Feel: Ocean






Curious George At The Zoo


Touch! My Big Touch-And-Feel Word Book


Good Morning, Good Night



What’s the Best Touch and Feel Book for Baby?


Almost any touch and feel book is bound to entertain your tot, but we’ve rounded up a list of the 20 best baby approved ones in our own personal library.


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Baby Einstein: Backyard All Year


Friendly Lilly leads your child on a tour of her backyard throughout the different seasons. Little fingers will delight in exploring the gritty sand and the wobbly path of the bumblebee.

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Noisy Farm


Babies and barnyard animals are a perfect pair, and this touch, feel and hear sturdy book is one of the best to add to your little one’s library. The appealing real-life photographs and fascinating textures in this touch and feel animal book will keep baby entertained for hours.

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Pat the Bunny


It only takes one read of this classic touch and feel board book to understand why it’s one of the best-sellers of all time. Little fingers will enjoy lifting flaps and exploring all that this sweet book has to offer.

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Baby Touch and Feel: Animals


Delicate baby fingers will delight in how soft the bunny’s floppy ears feel. This little book is loaded with adorable animals and soft materials to help encourage young readers to develop their motor skills.

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Baby Touch and Feel: Mealtime


This little board book is a fabulous way to introduce a tiny tot to the wonderful world of food. They will devour this sweet little book, which is full of realistic photos and textures, including a shiny apple and toast with sticky jam.

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If I Were a Dog


This Jellycat board book is the pick of the liter! Young readers will bark with bliss while feeling the bumpy bone, soft nose, scratchy tongue and more in this touch and feel board book.

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See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book


The colorful photographs of jolly babies helps stimulate a child’s curiosity, which makes this an ideal beginner sensory book. Tiny hands can easily grasp the sturdy pages while exploring the textures and tracing trails. But the gazing mirror is totally the best part of this baby touch and feel board book.

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Never Touch a Dinosaur


What sets this DK publishing touch and feel book apart from the rest is the awesome rubber pieces on each page. It’s a totally different texture than in most touch and feel books, which will give your baby’s sensory development a boost.

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Touch and Feel: Farm


We love this adorable DK baby touch and feel book. The sweet photographs of sweet little baby farm animals are accentuated by complementary fabrics and textures.

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Touch and Feel: Ocean


Little readers will dive into this bright and cheerful book by Natalie Marshall. Learning along with the ocean creatures and undersea life is sure to make a big splash with your baby.

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A winter wonderland complete with a happy snowman, glittering snowflakes and a snowy forest are just a few of the fun finds inside this Bright Baby touch and feel book.

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This interactive book by Bright Baby makes learning colors a breeze for early readers. The bold images and bright colors will make it an instant favorite for the whole family.

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Curious George at the Zoo


The iconic mischievous monkey makes new friends and hides from the reader during his zany day at the zoo. Babies are fond of touching the rhino’s bumpy hide and zebra’s rough mane while trying to find that goofy George.

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Touch! My Big Touch-and-Feel Word Book


This big book is packed with sensory stimulants and an endless array of learning moments for little ones. It’s got a massive 150 words and 30 unique touch-and-feel sections.

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Good Morning, Good Night


This sweet touch and feel book is specially designed to help soothe little readers and get them ready for bed. The wooly lamb is just one of the little animals settling in for a good night’s sleep, that your child will enjoy engaging with at the end of the day.